Our HR staffing services will help you find the right temporary HR talent for your company. Our many years of sourcing and placement expertise will ensure you secure the right temporary help to get your HR project completed and achieve the business goals for your organization.

Our outsourced HR services are designed for businesses that need HR support, but don’t need someone fulltime. Services are completely customized so that you receive support that addresses the areas and initiatives that will bring the greatest return on investment. By having us focus on managing HR, you will have more time to focus on your many other responsibilities as well as the flexibility to change direction quickly as HR issues arise.

We’ll get started right away to address your immediate needs and concerns and get to know your leadership, management and staff. As we get to know the organization, we build an understanding of your burning issues, HR practices currently in place, what’s working and what is not, your recruiting needs and the types of positions you need to fill, your turnover rate, your culture and the nuances and challenges of your specific industry. This in-depth knowledge allows us to provide recommendations and support on HR activities that will have a positive impact on your organization.

Your outsourced HR solution can include all or a combination of services including:

  • Employee documentation Management.
  • Online Pay slip, employee data base and data access management.
  • Soft and hard copy of employee records and personal files.
  • Employee bank account opening and on time salary transfer.
  • All employees communication written and verbal (Applicant contract, warning, termination, NOC, experience certificate, all notification via phone, SMS & email).
  • Timely issuance and replacement of pictorial employment cards and visiting cards wherever applicable.
  • Employee benefits administration (salary, performance incentives, rewards & awards, bonus, EOBI, SESSI, gratuity, provident funds and medical insurance).
  • Employee Attendance and Leave Management.

With East West Synergy (Pvt) Ltd. you will get following additional advantages:

  • Specially designed monthly, quarterly and yearly performance certificate for employee on behalf of our clients.
  • Web based online Human Resource Information System (HRIS) availability for all Outsource Employees' Management (Including self care modules for employees).
  • Soft and hard copy of employee records and personal files.
  • Employee satisfaction surveys.
  • Basic Customer Service Training to all Contractual Employees.
  • Free of charge Hiring and Replacement of staff.

Save time in the areas you need it most. Whether you need help sourcing candidates, interviewing, or getting a second opinion about a prospective critical hire, we offer a range of recruiting service options that will ensure we meet your needs, while saving you time and resources.

In most instances, clients who utilize our recruiting services receive a savings of half or more than what they’d find at a typical staffing agency. We are unique in that we offer you the ability to choose which pieces of the recruitment process you want to outsource, be it for one position or several. We take the time to get to know your business needs in detail including your industry, the hiring manager, the technical skill set and company culture fit necessary to ensure the recruitment process steps you choose to outsource are maximized to their full potential.

As part of our services we can do all or some of the following menu service options as well as vary our services based on your desired level of assistance for each specific position:

  1. Create sourcing strategies based on your budget and the type(s) of candidate(s) you are seeking.
  2. Assist with writing and finalizing job descriptions.
  3. Write compelling job postings that get the attention of competitive talent pools and ensure listings are posted in locations best suited to reach the target audience.
  4. For each position, perform targeted candidate sourcing utilizing our tools and resources, as well as paid sites approved by you.
  5. Carefully screen candidates and submit those most appropriate.
  6. Conduct phone interviews with approved candidates and submit thorough reports to hiring managers capturing the skills, qualifications and overall suitability for the position.
  7. Schedule candidate interviews and provide detailed information throughout the screening and interview process so you can make informed hiring decisions.
  8. Manage all correspondence with candidates including providing feedback and updates as well as answering questions.
  9. Help promote a positive brand image for the company. This is especially important when securing top talent and ensuring candidates have a positive impression of your company.
  10. Assist with conducting applicant testing, reference checks, background screening, negotiations, offer letters, legal agreements, candidate declinations and any required paperwork.
  11. Provide frequent progress updates and communication so you can stay on track and hire the best fit within the timeline required.

Help you manage or create an employee referral incentive program, relocation assistance program and employee on-boarding program.


Assessments, Screening, Interviewing, Talent hunt Management, HR Policies Drafting, RFPs, Developing pay and Incentive systems.


Administrating Employees Salaries, Tax Deductions, Retirement Benefits, Old Age Benefits and Employees Social Security Payments, Arrangement of Group Life Insurance Employees Record Maintenance etc.


Cleaning & Maintaining of Office Buildings, Industrial and Commercial Units. Province of quality materials and equipments along with dedicated resources.


Key Punching, Data Entry, AutoCAD Operations, Phone Operators, Chauffer, Lift Operator, Cooks, Office Attendants, Cash Sorting, Event Management, Technical Services, Skilled / Unskilled Labors etc.