About Us

Legal States : Private Limited.
Year of Establishment : 2010 (as sole proprietorship firm)
Conversion of Status : 2015 (as private limited)
NTN : 4388029-7


SECP : (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan)
EOBI : (Employees Old age Benefit Institution)
ESSI : (Employees Social Security Institution) (Employees Social Security Institution)
FBR : (Federal Board of Revenue)
KCCI : (Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

EAST WEST SYNERGY (PVT) LTD is a human resources outsourcing, consulting and staffing company, and providing strategic support to serve your HR needs. Our experienced teams of professionals have expertise in a broad range of specialties including recruitment, leadership development, employee relations and legal compliance. Whether you need ongoing support, consultation services or a temporary HR staffing solution, we customize our services to your specific needs and stage of development.

We provides professional, confidential and efficient payroll outsourcing services in Pakistan that comply with the necessary legal requirement. Our thorough managed payroll outsourcing service will ensure that the employees are always paid accurately and on time.

We perform a sequence of accounting transactions relating to the contractual obligation concerning payment to the employees. This merely does not include providing a salary to the employee but also covers matters such as deduction and submission of taxes, contributing towards employee's old age benefits and social security as required by the law.

We maintain a complete record of the employee, starting from the commencement of the contract to the release. This includes employee appointment letter, the contract, personal and professional information. On the termination or release of the employee they are provided with an experience letter, termination or release letter. All the available information is kept private and confidential according to the ethics of the business.

We are present in:

  • Karachi Region
  • Hyderabad Region
  • Nawabshah Region
  • Sukkur Region
  • Larkana Region
  • Quetta Region